Origin Press titles range across such fields as spirituality, psychology, health, philosophy, religion, politics, and the paranormal. Since our founding in 1996, we’ve published several nonfiction books each year, and most have been pioneering titles in a specialty topic. Topics have included esoteric spirituality, integrative medicine, the placebo effect, archetypes of religious consciousness, meditation, and nondual Vedanta; in the world of the paranormal, we’ve published books on Atlantis, angels, and alien abduction; and in politics, we’ve brought out acclaimed titles on world democracy, ecology, and 9/11. Finally, our specialized imprint, Celestia, focuses on titles related to the Urantia Revelation. We also have begun publishing fiction as well.

Origin Press titles has garnered over a dozen national prizes (see below), including a gold prize from Nautilus Awards and the Montaigne Medal from the Eric Hoffer Awards. Our books have been reviewed favorably in scores of periodicals and newspapers, and our authors have been interviewed on innumerable radio and TV programs; a History Channel special in 2006 was based on one of our books, Discovery of Atlantis. One of our authors holds a Pulitzer Prize, and three others—Ralph Metzner, Peter Russell,  and Charles Tart—are world-renowned pioneers in consciousness studies. Pictured at the right is founder and publisher, Byron Belitsos.