Author Services

The book business has changed profoundly since Origin Press was launched over 20 years ago as a traditional book publisher. Because of today’s explosion of self-publishing, we have diversified into third-party services for aspiring authors or small presses. These services are summarized below.

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The founder of Origin Press, Byron Belitsos, is the publisher or editor of over 40 published books including numerous award-winning titles. He prepares promising manuscripts for our Origin Press authors or for self-publishing authors. He also preps proposals and sample chapters for authors whose work is being agented. Belitsos is pictured at the left with an early Origin Press author, Fred Harris, back in 1997. The two coauthored the acclaimed book, The Center Within.

We also extensively consult to authors, self-publishers, e-publishers, and other small presses. After our hard-won experience of publishing or managing dozens of new titles, it is a great pleasure to assist those seeking advice in the difficult terrain of today’s publishing world. Consultations can range from manuscript evaluation to production to marketing and publicity strategy, or anything in between.

If you are a previously published author with a high quality manuscript and a strong “platform” of recognition in your field, please consider sending a query to our literary agency.

Navigate the entire publishing process with an expert—an award-winning publisher and author who has pretty much seen it all. These sessions cover the entire writing, publishing, and marketing process. And our coaching is unique in that it also helps you re-design your life now that you are becoming a bona fide author.

Founder Byron Belitsos is pictured at the right with another early Origin Press author, famed journalist Jim Marrs (center), author of Inside Job (2004).