Messages on Inspired Living from Our Heavenly Parents

By Donna D’Ingillo

$14.00 trade paperback/ $7.95 eBook • 120 pages • Trim Size: 7″ x 8″ • Glossary
Pub date: December 15, 2016 • Origin Press/Celestia • 978-1-57983-047-2

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“An exceedingly profound and inspiring book.” —The Honorable Martin Risacher (Ret.)

“These lessons restore us to wholeness.” —Richard Rosen, author of Dear Abba and Life After Death

An unprecedented era of planetary correction is upon us—thanks to the mercy of our Divine Parents, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They have opened the heavens and are uplifting us again through new teachings that are suitable for our time.

This brief but profound book offers a selection of fifty short lessons each from our heavenly Mother and Father. These messages also offer a simplified introduction to the cosmic spirituality of the legendary Urantia Revelation.

It’s time to meet your Heavenly Parents, whose love for us is utterly beyond comprehension. They are always available at a moment’s notice. Invite them in to strengthen your mind, nourish your soul, and inspire you to a life of love and creativity. This book will initiate you into a new awareness of their wisdom, compassion, and divinity.


I Offer You a Blessed and Bountiful Life
I Help You Grow in Cosmic Understanding
I Offer Kisses of Life upon Your Heart!
Face All Your Fears with Our Support
I Offer You My Universal Mind
Learn What It Means to be a Universe Citizen
I Fully Understand the Human Experience
Trouble Not Others for Your Validation
Liberate Others by Speaking the Truth
Accept Yourself Completely Just As You Are
Learn to Identify With Your Soul


donnad-headshotABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna D’Ingillo, the founder of the Center for Christ Consciousness (ctrforchristcon.org), is a lifelong student of The Urantia Book who has been a pioneer in celestial contact for over twenty years. In addition to an extensive spiritual healing and counseling ministry with individuals, she also conducts workshops and seminars nationwide. Donna’s previous title is the acclaimed Teach Us to Love: Finding Unconditional Love through Communion with God. She lives in Delray Beach, Florida.



“Donna D’Ingillo’s book is a gift to all of creation. She shows us how to have a deep personal relationship with our spiritual parents. As you read the words of this profound book you begin to fall in love with your spirit Mother and Father. Thank you Donna for this life-changing book!”
—Sharon Lanier

“This fabulous compilation from the Creators of our universe offer an incredible opportunity to reach deeper into our spiritual lives.”
—James Lease, artist, illustrator, urban designer

“I sat right next to Donna for years as she transmitted our divine parents, and I can verify her devotion to the truth of this process. I can attest to the clarity of what comes through her that so deeply impressed our group at the time. We often left these sessions in tears of joy and laughter. Thank you, Donna, for all those unforgettable times, and for your new transmissions in this book.”
Jerry Lane, author of The Adventure of Being Human series; former U.S. Marine platoon commander

“This is truly a work of deep devotion to assist our human family in understanding the reality of who we are as spirit beings and the depth of love that is available to us. This compilation of messages draws the reader into a realm of connection with our divinity unlike the traditional scriptures that endeavor to trap us in religious dogma and division. These messages will grow on everyone but at a different pace, as the reader is ready.”
Yvonne Williams, artist and author of Slaves of a Different Kind

“This book is to be read and re-read by anyone with a deep desire to open to the love, peace, and goodness within.”
Laura Maher, author of Auntie Mom

Divine Mother, Divine Father is a lovely, gentle book full of meditations for personal spiritual growth. I think anyone reading this will be touched by the love that shines throughout.”
—Virginia Brooks