Teach Us To Love

Start by knowing God as your loving divine parent!

According to this acclaimed book, we learn to love by being still—and in that peace-filled and worshipful state—drawing on the inner revelation that God is a our loving Father and Mother. If we consistently experience this sublime love, we begin to understand our infinite value in God’s eyes. Confidence in our own worth allows God’s love to overflow from us, uplifting ourselves and others. And learn much more, in this classic explication of the key spiritual teachings of the Urantia Revelation.

Finding Unconditional Love through Communion with God
By Donna D’Ingillo
178 pages • paperback • publication date: May  2011
Spirituality/Personal Growth

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“This is a book to be read, re-read, and incorporated into one’s life adventure.”
Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark, Professor Emerita, Southern Georgia University

Teach Us To Love is an elegant, inspiring guide to personal transformation.”
John Otranto, Commander, US Coast Guard

This book by spiritual teacher and healer Donna D’Ingillo not only teaches love—it also guides us into a lifetime of inner exploration and higher awareness. In addition to an easy seven-step meditative technique that helps you identify and receive divine guidance, you will also learn:
met hods of effective prayer
• forgiveness as a healing tool
• discerning the presence of God in others
• inner confidence through the daily practice of living faith

Stimulating and thought-provoking, Teach Us To Love will deepen your insight into your real life—your spiritual life.

Donna D’Ingillo is the founder of the Center for Christ Consciousness, and is a lifelong student of The Urantia Book. In addition to extensive healing and counseling work with individuals, she also conducts workshops and seminars nationwide. (Please see her website: http://ctrforchristcon.org)

“With great reverence, kindness, and unconditional love, Donna D’Ingillo teaches us to love and to be loved in this book filled with guidance for maximizing our innate potential for spiritual growth and planetary transformation. What a testimony to the sufficiency of the indwelling spirit of God for revealing one’s purpose, meaning, and true self! This is a book to be read, re-read, and incorporated into one’s life adventure.”
– Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark, Ph.D.
, Professor Emerita, Educational Psychology, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA

“I first came to Donna’s book not long after beginning my own journey into the practice of stillness meditation. Donna’s book showed me how to center my stillness practice on cultivating my relationship with God. What I find remarkable is that while her approach is systematic and comprehensive, and therefore intellectually satisfying, it is also warm and personal, and thereby gratifying spiritually. I have adapted several of the practices Donna offers in this book into classroom exercises for helping teenagers find inner grounding in these turbulent times, and am eager to re-read the new edition to see what else I can find here for myself and my students.”
– John Creger, nationally-recognized high school English teacher, and author of The Personal Creed Project

“We are a world of people who have not been loved enough, and we see the consequences of that daily. In her book Teach Us to Love, Donna D’Ingillo helps us to realize that our innocent need for unconditional love has been thwarted on some level for each of us, generation after generation. We carry a burden of unworthiness that keeps our hearts from opening fully to the ever-present flow of Divine love. Many of us acknowledge that God loves us, but that is a mere shadow of being enlivened by a love that cleanses and then empowers us to live as children of God. Donna’s book is written from her own yearning to be like God – to love as God loves. I hope you will allow her speak to your heart, to deepen your understanding that love is our birthright.”
Deborah Goaldman, junior high school teacher and prison minister, Bakersfield, CA

“For me, the wisdom in Teach Us To Love gracefully details the everlasting way to self-discovery, inner peace, and spiritual growth. The book is an elegant, inspiring guide to personal transformation – the essential element in world transformation – the evolution we are currently experiencing. The truth, so beautifully shared here, is the sustainable foundation humanity needs to create the enlightened world we all want.”
John Otranto, Commander, US Coast Guard, Ret., Munich, Germany

“In Teach Us to Love, Donna D’Ingillo illuminates the way for you to create a personal and dynamic relationship to Spirit. Through uplifting concepts and techniques, she expands your perspective and gives you the tools to love and be loved by your true Source. If you are on a spiritual journey to heal your life and live in love, forgiveness, and understanding, this book is a must read.”
– Sandra L. Porter
, Ft. Myers, FL

“A must read—no matter what your path. This book is a foundation. Thank you, Donna, for stepping aside and allowing Spirit to speak to us all through these pages.”
– Ivy Adams, Harrisburg, NC

“This book serves as a wonderful guide for any person seeking to advance on their spiritual path and to deepen their relationship with God. Donna spells out spiritual habits and attitudes that not only expand our understanding of spirituality but also gives us a roadmap to follow on our journey. Especially helpful is the chapter on how piritual, emotional, and physical healing can lead us to live a balanced life.”
– Dolores Nice
, retired school administrator and and prison minister, Redwood City, CA



Author’s Preface
Personal Introduction: Finding the Perfect Love

Chapter One: Finding the Perfect Love
The Correcting Time
Developing a Personal Relationship with God
My Experience with the Teachings
About the Teachings


Chapter Two:  God’s Approach to Humans 19
Who is God?
God’s Plan for You
How God Feels About You

Chapter Three:  The Human Approach To God
Seeing Yourself with the Eyes of God
The Significance of God’s Love
Difficulties Humans Face in Approaching God

Chapter Four:  God’s Gift – The Inner Spirit
The Role of the Inner Spirit
How the Inner Spirit Works in Human Life
Human Choice to be Spirit Led
Human Cooperation with the Inner Spirit

Chapter Five:  The Voice of the Inner Spirit
Human Mind Interference with the Inner Voice
How Humans Grow Spiritually
Overcoming Spiritual Blocks
Hearing the Inner Voice
Discerning the Voice of Spirit from the Human Mind

Chapter Six:  Seeking the Stillness
Why Stillness is Important
The Stillness Practice
The Seven Steps of Stillness

Chapter Seven:  The Embrace of God
Feeling God’s Love
The Bounties of Listening to Spirit


Chapter Eight:  Dependence Upon God
The Experiential Nature of Humans
Depending on God for Help
The Human Feeling of Unworthiness

Chapter Nine:  Forgiveness
Self-Forgiveness Leads to Self-Love
Forgiving Others
Understanding Others’ Negative Actions
Importance of Forgiveness for Growing Spiritually

Chapter Ten:  Seeing the Presence of God in Others
Everyone is a Child of God
Learning to Love Others – Tolerance
Practicing Tolerance

Chapter Eleven:  Altruism and Service
Helping Others Overcome Their Spiritual Blocks
Altruism Leads to Service
Service is Integral to Spiritual Growth

Chapter Twelve:  Prayer
How Prayer Works
Effective Prayer
The Significance of Prayer  


Chapter Thirteen:  Faith and the Inner Religious Experience
The Nature of Faith
Growing Your Faith
Barriers to Faith
Living in Faith
Discerning Faith from Belief
Personal Religion

Chapter Fourteen:  Jesus, The Living Link
The Human Jesus
The Significance of Jesus’ Human Life
Jesus’ Divine Mission
Jesus’ Inspiration for Human Life

Chapter Fifteen:  Healing – Becoming a Whole Person
Spiritual Healing
Emotional Healing
Physical Healing
Achieving Balance

Chapter Sixteen: Spiritual Growth and the Ascension Career
The Personality and the Soul
The Choice of Eternal Life
The Next Life
The Eternal Adventure of Universe Discovery

Section IV:  FINALE

Chapter Seventeen:  The Future

Author’s Postscript:  Center for Christ Consciousness