Your Evolving Soul

The Path of Integral Spirituality in the Urantia Revelation
By Byron Belitsos

yes-front-cover-826-x-1275The Urantia Book offers a complex revelation about the evolving human soul that stands alone in its coherence and richness of detail. Your Evolving Soul is the first book to explain this advanced teaching for the ordinary reader, especially as it relates to today’s depth psychology, integral philosophy, modern cosmology, and paranormal studies. The author depicts the soul as an energetic synthesis of the spiritual import of our ordinary human experiences. It evolves by virtue of “soul-making” decisions that shape our character as we grow into maturity. The soul advances in close partnership with the indwelling spirit, a divine entity that confers upon us the potential to fulfill a unique destiny now and into the afterlife. Readers will also discover how our evolving soul, if we so choose, can become an immortal vehicle of personal identity that contributes something crucial to the growth of all other souls—and even to the evolution of deity itself. Belitsos compares these futuristic Urantia teachings to traditional descriptions of self and soul, both East and West, showing how this legendary revelatory text clarifies the key differences between the unique personality, the indwelling spirit, the questing soul, and the inquiring mind. Through his lucid interpretation of the Urantia material, the author offers a model of the human soul to be tested, examined, and compared—not as a finished truth to be accepted as doctrine. Your Evolving Soul concludes with a unique set of universal practices appropriate to every belief system that can enrich anyone’s spiritual path and soulful evolution.


Byron Belitsos is a public intellectual who is one of the world’s leading exponents of The Urantia Book. He brings to his interpretations a lifetime of advanced study in philosophy, psychology, history, and theology, plus decades of practice in esoteric Christianity and Buddhism. For the last twenty years Belitsos has also been the publisher, editor, or coauthor of numerous acclaimed and award-winning books in these fields. A lifelong student of the Urantia Book, he has spoken about its teachings worldwide and on innumerable radio and TV programs.

Publication date: April 15, 2017
Origin Press/Celestia
210 pages • Glossary, index, and appendices

• $17.00  paperback edition (ISBN: 9781579830366)
• $9.95    eBook edition (ISBN: 9781579830373)